Recently, one of my ladies asked me why she kept repeatedly waking up at 3am. It’s something I’ve struggled with and done a lot of research on myself so I wanted to share it all with you. 

It can seem random when you spontaneously wake up out of the blue at 3am. Did you hear a noise? Jolt yourself awake? Have you had enough sleep and your body decides now is the time to get up? In my experience, the answers to all these questions were usually “no”. 

What’s physically going on

We all have a body clock. The scientific word for it is a circadian rhythm, and over recorded history scientists have found a pattern. Now they vary slightly from person to person, but generally speaking you’ll find the following: 

1am to 2am is the point of deepest sleep

4am to 5am is when the body drops to its lowest temperature while sleep is still deep

Sunrise is the time when the body spikes in blood pressure, and lowers in melatonin secretion (it’s the hormone that makes you feel tired). This will cause sleep to lighten and you’ll often stir awake easier.

So why are you waking up at 3am when this seems to be around the deepest point of sleep?

Well, in my personal experience it has to do with the third body found in tantric numerology. There is a reason you keep waking up at 3am. Numbers talk! 

The third body is all about finding the best possible results. It’s about the equal distribution of energy. It’s about using power easily and the right way. 

Those who have followed my work for a while will know I talk about the four energetic layers of our body: physical, emotional, mental and soul level. Because we can’t deny – we ARE made up of energy. Lots of little cells all vibrating together to help us take our shape and move, express ourselves…etc.

For example, a depressed person has a different vibration to a happy person. You can almost feel the difference when you are around them without them actually saying anything, right?

So when you have a major fluctuation of energy in your body at any level, it needs to be processed. When we have a lot of energy when we are awake, we tend to get a lot of stuff done. When we have a lot of energy at a deeper level to work through, we tend to be asleep. Our energetic third body gets hard to work distributing the energy as it sees fit from our soul level down to our physical level. 

But, if the third energetic body is overactive or it has A LOT of energy changes to make it will unintentionally push against the barriers of the soul layer and invade the mental energetic layer of your body. This often happens when you’ve decided to make positive changes in your life such as committing to a healing programme, life coach, business coach…etc). 

Now your mind is actively having to work to handle this “push” of energy…guess what happens? Your brain wakes up, emotions ping and your physical body reacts. Hi, you’re awake! 

Returning to sleep…

Most people will say it’s impossible to fall asleep when you’ve been  awakened at 3am, but your body DOES want you to go back to sleep. Because at 4am, when your body is still in its deepest sleep and at its lowest temperature, the energy particles that have moved around can sink into the very fibre of your being. They want to hum at the lowest frequency they can. When the energy settles into this frequency, we don’t become consciously aware of it anymore. 

It’s the deep cellular energy healing we need (and that we don’t have enough research on yet!)

So what can I do to help myself when I wake up at 3am?

Because the third energetic body connects with the third chakra, known as Manipura, you are looking at issues that will calm the solar plexus down. Things that will calm the digestion system down. These have all worked for me in the past:

  • Warm milk to calm the digestion lining
  • Water to help flush through the excess energy
  • Yellow crystals to help the energetic vibrations in the room
  • Journaling to get the excess energy out of my head (works better than counting sheep)
  • A few yoga stretches designed before bed to help shift the energy around (Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is great)

I hope you’ve found this post informative and useful. Like I said at the beginning, this is all based on my own experience with waking up at 3am and the intuitive bodywork I’ve started studying. You may find something works better for you or you may be waking up at a different time. If it’s the latter, than there is something else to work on! 

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