What is an energetic body?

Right, let’s cut the crap and the “woo woo” for a second. Let’s talk about what an energetic body actually is. Think about it this way: when you are thinking bad thoughts about yourself, this translates into feeling shit / depressed / sad etc and that manifests as tears in your physical body, right?


We don’t just have one energetic body that everything resides in. We actually have FOUR LAYERS that make up the whole.

(In tantric numerology we have 10 energetic bodies…so it gets a bit more complicated. Today I just want to take you through the basics).

Your soul body – your mental body – your emotional body – your physical body.

Your soul energetic body

I left this energetic body out of the example above, because we often don’t give ourselves create for where our thoughts come from. But your soul, personality, gut instinct…whatever you want to call it, DOES exist. We all know it, because we all feel that “essence” or that part of us that spends a lot of time in our heads, dictating what and why we do what we do. 

The way it communicates these things to us is through…our thoughts, primarily. 

Some will call it imagination, some will call it wishful thinking – but your thoughts have to originate from SOMEWHERE. (I’m sure there is a neuroscientist out there who can elaborate and give me the science behind it all…if so, please reach out! I’d be fascinated to understand this deeper).

Your mental energetic body

Once a thought has been established though, it’s very hard to get it out of your head. I always say to my clients, you spend 90% of your time in your head, so you better make it a nice place to be. Our thoughts determine our emotions and actions, which is why people tell you to start changing your thoughts if you want to change your life. 

(I disagree…I actually think you have to start at the soul level, but we’ll get to that…)

Your emotional energetic body

This body is the bridge between your thoughts and your physical body, so it’s heavily reliant on both. It’s no wonder then that this energetic body takes up a lot of our attention. It’s close to the surface, if you go by auras, and it’s constantly in communication with us about what is going on. 

We are usually feeling SOMETHING at any one time, and “fine” is not an emotion. 

Your physical energetic body

Obviously, this is the body that we can physically see, touch, smell…all the senses. It’s also the one that is the most removed from our soul body, which means any communication that we’re trying to give ourselves takes a while to get through. I often find by the time it has manifested physically in the body, you are crying out or wincing in physical pain.

As a massage therapist, most people come to me when they get to this physical level of pain. And yes, there are physical actions that can often cause injuries, but there are also emotional, mental and spiritual ones as the example I gave you shows us. 

You would be amazed how many times I meet someone complaining of lower back pain, and they then go on to describe how they have no support system in place at home and they are feeling stressed.

Or their shoulders are hurting, but they have an enormous amount of burdens and responsibilities placed on them that are making them feel overwhelmed. 

Hips that are sore from motherhood, not being able to connect with your creative self or feeling like your intuition sucks.

Knees that ache from constantly having to do it all on your own, when really you should be surrendering and going with the flow.

If any of these sound familiar to you, I think you are really going to like what the Deep Healing Rites of Passage has to offer you.

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