Shifting your 3 day migraine

For the past week, I have suffered from the worst 3 day migraine you could imagine. A pounding heaviness in my head, temples that feel tight and on fire at the same time, ringing ears, an aversion to bright lights…you name it, I’ve had it. 

Still, a girl’s gotta function right?!

Instead of relying on good old Doctor Google, or spending three days in a blacked out room (if I didn’t have to work, trust me – this would have been my go-to option), I focused on what I knew worked. 

1 – Peppermint tea

I’m not great at water intake, despite all the good I know it can do for me. However, I’m great with herbal teas. Knowing that peppermint essential oil helps with migraines, I figured peppermint tea would work a treat. And it did! Not only did it increase my water intake, it helped alleviate the migraine symptoms for a few hours.

2 – Relaxing the tension in my jaw

I’m a jaw clencher and I know it. Originally, I thought the source of pain in my temples was due to my inability to release my jaw…but after making a conscious effort in the last couple of weeks, I realised this wasn’t the case. But my jaw still felt stiff (from years of jaw clenching, no doubt) so I used a Gua Sha that I use on my clients in their Natural Face Rejuvenation to loosen up those facial muscles. 

3 – Breathing techniques

Sounds doolay-ey, but simple focusing on my breath and acknowledging that my head seemed to be hurting helped. I envisioned a cracked egg running over my head as the tension broke, which genuinely seemed to lessen the pain when it got excruciating. 

4 – Crystal healing

We’re about to get slightly more woo-woo here. This past weekend I went to a crystal fair, and purchased some amethyst. My friend suggested that due to the new moon and energetic shifts (hey – if the moon can influence the tides, I’m a big believer that it can influence us too) that my migraine might be related to some information my body was not yet able to download and process. 

Apparently Amethyst is great at downloading wisdom, spiritual downloads and dreams – so I bought some, programmed it, and I swear on Mother Earth, the migraine has all but vanished when I’m in its vicinity!

5 – I’ve been getting 8+ hours of sleep

Sleep is the single best way to help your body rest, recover and repair cells – so I’m not about to knock it, stay up late, stare at a computer screen – when we all know how damaging that can be! Instead, I choose to listen to my body and take care of it when it is screaming for care and attention. 

Anyone else got any ways they shift a migraine? I’m all ears! 

Ali x

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