Shamanic healing – what to expect

So, I just launched a new service and I’m getting a lot of potential and current clients asking me what to expect from shamanic healing. Let’s deep dive in. 

My Shamanic Healing Journey So Far

As some of you already know, I recently initiated as a shamanic healer. It took a lot of Soul Guidance, Past Life Activations and working through this life’s lessons – but I finally received access to the Deep Healing Rites of Passage that have been in my Akashic Records all this time. 

My Spirit Teacher & Healer Guide, who also happened to be one of my past life incarnations, has been a shaman in her tribe for a lonnnnnng time. So when she approached me (in the middle of a massage I might add) with the Chief of her tribe to initiate me, I was resistant. 

How the hell was I supposed to know what I was doing? I didn’t have any training in this field. She had the wrong woman.

Except she didn’t.

I had been training for this for lifetimes. 

And the minute I accepted the initiation, all the information came flooding back.

What to expect in your shamanic healing session

Every shaman and shamanic healer practices slightly differently. I call myself a shamanic healer because I have not yet earned the title of Shaman in this life – that is a lifelong achievement that can only come from your community. Some have visions, others whispers, some prefer the rituals and ceremonies, others power animals and chanting. 

With me, it’s a combination of visions, intuitive whispers & power animals. 

After a brief consultation about what is holding you down physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I will have a rough idea on where to start with my spirit guides. 

Depending on whether you are getting a shamanic massage or participating in one of the 6 deep healing rites of passage will them determine how the ceremony will go, but during that time I will be with my spirit guide team. 

In a different realm, they guide me with visions, whispers and (possibly) a power animal for you. During this time I will learn what your spiritual body is trying to communicate with you on the emotional, mental and physical planes and relay this information to you. 

What to expect afterwards…

I’m always astounded at how close to home it resonates for clients.

Bear in mind, I have no idea what the messages mean. I haven’t sat in on Psych 101 classes, and my training is a mixture of real world experience & divine guidance. 

I’ve had clients in tears because the message was so on point with their lives.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also had clients who weren’t really sure what the messages meant at the time. It’s only with hindsight that we can understand things sometimes. 

I’ve had clients that have had to go home and use the guidance I was given to do further work internally themselves in order to get the healing & results that they want. 

This isn’t a one hit wonder. This isn’t a massage that gets out the kinks in your back or a therapy session that cures your depression. Instead it’s a very real, very deep look at what all the layers your “self” is trying to tell you. 

You can find out more about shamanic massage & the deep healing rites of passage here.

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