Shamanic Healing Rituals

Recently I developed the Deep Healing Rites of Passage, a 6 month transformational healing journey filled with shamanic healing rituals to help anyone go through any change or trauma in their life. The aim is to help them out the other side, if not whole, then at least able to learn the healing skills they need to combat all the shit life throws at you. 

In the process of practising these healing rituals, I have been privileged to several encounters: 

  • Daughters of Isis Awakenings 
  • Blessings from Spirit Guides
  • Power retrievals – for those who had lost their voice
  • Soul retrievals – for those who had experienced a trauma that had been carried through past lifetimes & ancestral lines.
  • Spirit Guide first meetings

All about as “woo woo” as it gets.

If you’re still reading at this point, it means that some part of you connects – or is at least a little bit interested – in what happens beyond these realms. Beyond just your physical daily lives. Beyond what’s going on inside your body & your head. 

I can’t tell you what your personal journey WILL be. Everyone’s is different. 

I won’t tell you what to expect in a shamanic healing ritual, because everyone’s is different.

I don’t tell you it will be easy because true healing never is. 


I CAN tell you it will combine all the elements of the earth, as with the traditional shamanic practice.

You WILL understand what your soul is DESPERATELY trying to communicate with you. 

I KNOW these healing rituals will work on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to help you heal and step into your full power and presence. 

If you’d like a little taster, ask about getting your own personal shamanic record for 2020.

Or if you’re ready for a bigger commitment in 2020 (because you would really like to not repeat old patterns of behaviour) then you need to talk to me about joining the Deep Healing Rites of Passage Programme. 

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