I wish I had the money for a regular massage

Let’s talk about money for a minute. I know, I know…it’s usually a taboo subject. A dirty word. But money is the currency we use to get by here on earth, so it’s important we talk about it from time to time. In particular, I want to talk about how you can get the money for a regular massage.

It’s all about your priorities

Our money goes where we need or want it to. The bills, groceries, children, petrol, saving for that new holiday or car…and whatever is left is our disposable income, free to spend as we like. 

Except, once we’ve gone through everything we need and want, there isn’t usually a lot of disposable income left. If any. Certainly not enough to *indulge* in a massage. Hence why I think massages have become more like a “luxurious treat”.

But what happens when you get ill?

Suddenly, the budget gets redone so you can afford to buy the medicine your GP has prescribed. Something from your priorities list shifts. Maybe you cut down on the amount of wine you buy that week, or decide to walk to town to save petrol. 

So imagine if you treated massage like medicine – after all, it’s been proven to have medical benefits. It offers you preventative care, rather than reactive care.

The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease.

Imagine if you shifted your priorities, so your health & wellbeing featured in that list alongside your children, your groceries, your bills. You make sure your family are healthy and taken care of – so why do you insist that your health isn’t as important?

And if that hasn’t convinced you, well here are 4 of my favourite ways you might not have thought of to get the money for a regular massage:

  • Instead of catching up with your friends at the pub / restaurant – book a spa day or host a pamper party (where a massage therapist comes to you). It will be a cheaper night out – and you won’t have the hangover the next day!
  • A cliche, but a classic, cut down on the amount of alcohol and coffee you buy. 7 bottles of wine in a month or 12 cups of coffee = £55 you need for a monthly massage.
  • Ask your hairdresser if they do private work – they will charge you a HELL of a lot less than the salon does, meaning you can use that extra cash on a massage that month.
  • Follow massage therapists in your area – most of us who are self employed are cheaper than spas, still run holiday promotions and even throw in the occasional freebie!

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