Do you really need a deep tissue massage?

I won’t lie…most people ask me for a deep tissue massage but they don’t need one. Not that they don’t need a massage, trust their muscles they do! It’s the deep tissue that isn’t required. Deeper isn’t always better.

Who should get a deep tissue massage?

For athletes, muscle recovery and physios, deep tissue massage is an important tool to help the deeper muscles get the care and attention you need. If your muscles are suffering more from daily aches and pains, you would probably be better off going for a standard swedish massage.

But I don’t like massages where I can’t feel anything!

I hear you. That’s just about pressure. Any massage therapist can adjust the pressure of a massage. All you have to do is ask them. To be fair, all massage therapists should ask you during the massage if you are happy, but we don’t want to be constantly checking in and interrupting your relaxing quiet time. So if you want a slightly firmer pressure – feel free to tell us!

The pressure should feel “yummy”.

Now what I mean by that is that you shouldn’t expect the muscles to HURT. A lot of people (men tend to do this more) believe that in order to be doing something good for your muscles the massage should hurt. It doesn’t have to.

The way I always like to explain it is it should feel yummy. Sore enough that you feel some relief from the pressure (say a 2 or 3 on a pain scale out of 10), but anything higher than a 5 and you might actually do more damage to the muscle than good.

Ok so what massage should I be getting?

A swedish massage is a standard massage that uses touch to trigger your bioelectric and chemical systems to calm and relax your nervous system. As one of the first languages we learn (remember all that skin to skin promotion for babies?!) touch has been proven time and time again to be good for our physical, mental and emotional health. 

So next time you’re booking a massage ask for a swedish and then simply ask your massage therapist during the treatment for a firmer pressure if you need it. Honestly, a good massage therapist will naturally know where to apply more pressure based on what your muscles are telling them anyway.

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