Deep Healing Rites of Passage

What does the Deep Healing Rites of Passage Ceremony include?

  • 6 healing sessions (one of each) – Cleanse, Manifest, Release, Protect, Connect & Nourish
  • You can complete 1 healing session a month in person with Ali (you will need to live in or travel to Surrey UK)
  • If you can’t make it for an in person session, you can get a monthly online session to cover your Soul work & Sacred Spa Box sent to your home
  • You will discover how to continue the healing on your own between sessions
  • We will have weekly catch ups, so you are continuously supported via FB

Can I just get one of the treatments?

Yes! One in person session cost £165. It can take place at your home in Surrey or at Ali’s studio locations.

The online session & monthly Sacred Spa Box is £74 for one month including shipping.

I’m leaning towards the online sessions…what will it entail?

Online sessions will take place via Skype and each Sacred Spa Box will be sent to your home once a month.

Because Shamanism isn’t tied to any one place, the “Soul Work” can take place using Skype. This work includes a body MOT check, an understanding of what your energetic bodies are trying to communciate, guided meditations, rituals & ceremonies we complete together as well as time for you to gain guidance on any area of your life that needs attention.

The spa elements of the Deep Healing Rites of Passage will be sent to you in the monthly ‘Sacred Spa Box’ at a fraction of the price of getting a full treatment with Ali.

The online session & monthly Sacred Spa Box is £444 over 6 months.

Is this like a spa experience?

Na-uh! While there are spa-like elements involved, the deep healing rites of passage transcends that. It is about connecting to your emotional, energetic and spiritual self in order to do healing in the realms you need to. I become your practioner, your guide & your teacher during this time.

Can I pay for the whole passage monthly?

Of course you can! Monthly payments are £148.

For more information…

The deep healing rites of passage will be available from Jan 2020. You can sign up just to be the first to hear more when I launch this epic, transformative journey. As a bonus, you will qualify for the early bird discount  (£777 instead of £888).

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Nourish & Replenish

Self love is the hardest form of love, but it is the most important as we step into our true selves. It's important to nourish ourselves with love as we do our family, friends, pets and plants. When we can't do it for ourselves...well, that's what this ritual is for.



Whether you call her Mother Nature, Mother Earth, Gaia, Universe, Source - we know there is a connection to our surroundings. We know we are more than "matter". So it's time to reconnect to the divine energy in this connection ceremony.


Protect & Strengthen

As we move through this life, we come across multiple energies. We are constantly reacting to our surroundings. That's why it's important to take time to reflect, protect and strengthen our resolve for life. That's exactly what this ritual does.


Release & Forgive

In order to manifest what you want to attract in your life, you must release & grieve for the things no longer meant for you. It can be something big, something small, something traumatic, something that simply niggles at you. Whatever it is, it must be released.



To manifest or "cry for a vision" from the divine used to involve trekking out into the desert and sitting without food or water for 4 days to enter into another realm. While that practice is still beautiful, this ritual is just a little more achievable for your wandering soul.


Cleanse and renew

To start you off on your journey of deep discovery, we must first clear the energy around you. This purification ceremony will allow us to go into the following manifestation ritual with clear intentions of what your soul wants you to rediscover.