What are complementary therapies?

Complementary therapies are treatments designed to help improve your health and wellbeing. They don’t replace medicine, but they can work alongside it to make sure your body is getting as much help as it can get.

As a massage therapist, aromatherapist & reflexologist, Ali knows how to help:

  1. Relieve stress & tension held in your body
  2. Rebalance your body’s systems as they should be
  3. Boost your mood & help you understand your body’s movements

With Ali, you get so much more than just the benefits from a normal treatment. You get a therapist who is willing to offer little lifestyle tips and changes according to your needs.

If you want to work deeper on emotional stress triggers, mental challenges or soul-based work (like all that woo woo crystals and oracle stuff) – Ali’s your therapist.

Equally, if you don’t want to talk and you just want the treatment she’s fine with that too!

“I won’t beat around the bush. The advice I offer is practical guidance to help ease aches & pains, as well as personal experience on dealing with emotional, mental & physical trauma.”

Ali is a big believer that we all deserve a life of freedom. That’s why she’s so passionate about helping people understand how to manage their own stress & constraints put upon themselves.

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Ali Chambers - Treatment Prices

Looking for complementary therapies in Guildford & Godalming?

Ali works Thurs – Mon offering home visits for treatments for women and couples. Men are taken on a referral basis at Ali’s discretion.

You can also find Ali twice a week at the Well & Good studios on Godalming High Street on Friday & Saturday afternoons.

How can I book a complementary therapy?

You can book directly online with Ali here.

Call: 07739558416 to book your appointment

Email: chambersali@ymail.com


Spiritual Bodywork (Online)

Would you like help to develop a calmness, a deep knowing or a crystal-clear understanding of what you are supposed to be doing with this one and precious life of yours? Whether you would like to dabble in spiritual practices or have already begun and would like more guidance, this is the session for you.


Massage at home

Looking for a Surrey massage therapist? Experience a massage in the comfort of your own home with Ali. She'll come to you with everything she needs. All the benefits of a massage, none of the hassle of having to get to the spa.


Intuitive Bodywork (Online)

If you want to start to understand your body, if you want a better relationship with your body, if you want to develop a healthier body image internally (which will reflect externally) but you know fad diets, gruelling exercise regimes and positive affirmations aren't doing it for you - give intuitive bodywork a go. 


Make some time for your self care.

Book your first treatment with Ali and receive 10% off when you say “I’m starting self care today”.