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How to balance your chakras


Recently, I became a Chakra balancing practitioner and learnt how to balance your chakras. The experience has really helped me understand how to recognise when my body is out of alignment energetically. So here are the 7 ways to tell if you are out of alignment, and what you can do about it!

How to balance your chakras2020-05-01T15:18:36+01:00

Shamanic healing what to expect


Shamanic healing - what to expect So, I just launched a new service and I’m getting a lot of potential and current clients asking me what to expect from shamanic healing. Let’s deep dive in.  My Shamanic Healing Journey So Far As some of you already know, I recently [...]

Shamanic healing what to expect2020-05-01T15:21:32+01:00

How I healed sinusitis when docs told me it would take 3 weeks


How I healed sinusitis when docs told me it would take 3 weeks Getting a cold is one thing, getting sinusitis? Well now, that just sucks. And unless you want to take steroid nasal sprays...apparently there is nothing you can do but wait it out.  Unfortunately, as a self employed massage therapist [...]

How I healed sinusitis when docs told me it would take 3 weeks2020-05-01T15:35:41+01:00
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