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My 1 minute hack to concentrating in meditation


My 1 minute hack to concentrating in meditation I think anyone who has tried meditating before knows how easy it can be to get distracted. It’s even more true when you are trying to specifically meditate on one thing. So this is my 1 minute hack to concentrating in meditation.  Ready for [...]

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Shamanic Healing Rituals


Recently I developed the Deep Healing Rites of Passage, a 6 month transformational healing journey filled with shamanic healing rituals to help anyone go through any change or trauma in their life. The aim is to help them out the other side, if not whole, then at least able to learn the healing skills they need to combat all the shit life throws at you.

Shamanic Healing Rituals2020-05-01T15:06:45+01:00

What is an energetic body?


Right, let’s cut the crap and the “woo woo” for a second. Let’s talk about what an energetic body actually is. Think about it this way: when you are thinking bad thoughts about yourself, this translates into feeling shit / depressed / sad etc and that manifests as tears in your physical body, right?

What is an energetic body?2020-05-01T15:17:21+01:00
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Most of my clients come to me looking to reconnect - to their body or their sense of self. If the latter is you...I made you something. 

All I'll say is, who knew having a DUI could be a good thing? 


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