How to balance your chakras

Recently, I became a Chakra balancing practitioner and learnt how to balance your chakras. The experience has really helped me understand how to recognise when my body is out of alignment energetically. So here are the 7 ways to tell if you are out of alignment, and what you can do about it!

1 – Root Chakra

Located at the base of your tailbone, this chakra is all about your survival instinct. If you are feeling a lack of security, you are panicking about bills, feel unsteady on your feet or are feeling constipated – this chakra needs work! 

Red crystals, woody and earthy essential oils and walking barefoot will help.

2 – Sacral Chakra

As the name suggests, this chakra is all to do with your sacred energy, the divine feminine / masculine, your creativity, wisdom and reproductive organs. So if you are struggling to birth a creation, being, feel uninspired or unsure of your deeper knowing – it’s time to reconnect this chakra. 

Orange crystals, orange food & drink, even orange jewellery or scarves are going to help here!

3 – Solar Plexus Chakra

This chakra is all to do with your self esteem & your digestive system. So bloating, IBS, feeling unworthy, not having enough faith in yourself…all these are solar plexus issues. 

Yellow crystals, floral & woody essential oils, sunflowers, and time spent in the sun will help realign you.

4 – Heart Chakra

Clue is in the name for this one. Self love & heart issues tend to go hand in hand. So any feelings of self worth, lack of exercise, unhealthy diet – ANY self sabotaging will show up in this chakra.

Surprisingly, apart from rose quartz, what you are looking for is green crystals. The deeper the green, the more it’s about protecting yourself, the lighter green more about having to accept yourself. Roses, rose oil, and anything generally associated with the “feminine” will help here too.

5 – Throat Chakra

Any sore throats, blocked ears, coughs, speaking ill of others, not speaking your truth, being afraid to confront authority…etc, will show up in your throat chakra.

To rebalance it, practice saying things like “I speak truthful, honest thoughts” as an affirmation, sing, hum tunes, drink lemon water, wear blue and use blue crystals like turquoise!

6 – Third Eye Chakra

Your connection to a higher source is where your third eye chakra comes into play. Any tense headaches, particularly around the temples or a lack of guidance in your life usually says this chakra is out of balance. 

You’re looking for purple crystals like amethyst to balance it, eating grapes and other purple foods, deeply calming oils like frankincense and – obviously – meditation really helps!

7 – Crown Chakra

Located at the Crown of our head, this is the divine connection. The part of us that directly connects to “divinity” and is a driving, guiding force without our conscious knowledge (unlike the third eye that connects us consciously). When out of alignment, things will feel “foggy”, you’ll have no clear direction in life, you might feel lost, abandoned and unsupported. Your head may feel very heavy. 

Carry clear or milky quartz crystals with you to clear the energy around you and gain clarity. Use sage smudging to help. You’re looking to wear white clothes and use essential oils such as chamomile. White flowers around the house will also help. 

In my shamanic healing massage, chakra balancing is used to realign your energies. So if you want to experience this first hand, get in touch

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